'UK Dogging Videos Streaming and Downloads'

With the sale of dogging DVDs and other popular adult videos by mail order and over the internet now being illegal in the UK, there is a new, legal and faster way to get hold of your fix of doggin porn, and that's video on demand.

Adult video on demand, or vod for short, allows you to download or stream any one of thousands of top adult videos directly to your computer, and within the huge range available are a large number featuring real UK doggers out and about after dark and fucking, watch some of these films and see dogging get uncovered!

Title: Melanies Real Dogging Special

Detail: Unable to stick to clubs and private swingers parties, this film takes Melanie and her camera crew outside to film some real UK dogging sex.

And the star of this dogging video, none other than Melanies lead camera girl from her previous swingers videos, Apparently she enjoyed recording it so much she asked Melanie to take her dogging and record the events that took place. You can tell how much she was enjoying herself simply from the noise she was making!!


Title: PussyStalker.com 2: You Dirty Bitches

Detail: The long awaited follow up to PussyStalker The Video, this second video in their dogging range takes the team out to some of the best known and used dogging locations in the UK.

Their aim is simple, to visit and secretly film the doggin sex activities of randy couples whenever possible. Some of the people allowed us to video them, others didn't, either way, every dogging video tape recording is real, and no actors are used.


Title: Sexpose Dogging - Relish

Detail: The Sunday Sport said this dogging film was a must have video for any dogging lovers or wannabes.

The 3rd film from the team at Relish, Sexpose! dogging takes a look at the dogging sex taking place in the great UK outdoors. The team actually met many doggers and were guided to find a doggin couple and two bisexual sluts who were caught fucking each other with their toys. There's swinging, fucking and sucking a plenty in this great new dogging video.


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